4 Benefits Of Winter Tree Trimming

A common tree myth is that tree trimming shouldn’t be done during the winter months. The truth is that winter is typically the best time to prune a tree because the tree is in a state of dormancy. Read on to learn all the benefits of trimming your tree during the winter months.

1. Easier To Evaluate

In the winter there are no leaves on the tree to obstruct visual inspections. This means branch defects and structural issues that may have been missed in spring or summer are plainly visible in winter with the absence of leaves. In the cold months, dead branches and structural issues in large shade trees can be easily identified and properly pruned.

2. Disease & Insect Prevention

All tree trimming causes open wounds that need to heal and are at risk of becoming infected. Proper tree trimming techniques reduce the risk of infection and promote rapid healing by making sure the pruning cuts are clean and in the correct location. However, during the spring, summer, and fall, fresh pruning cuts are at a higher risk of becoming infected from disease or infested with insects. By pruning in the winter you get the added benefit of disease and insect prevention. Like trees, insects and diseases are dormant in the winter essentially lowering the risk of infection/infestation to zero.

3. Faster Healing

Trees heal and recover faster from tree trimming when it’s performed in the winter. During the spring, summer, and fall the tree is busy using all its energy for other tasks like pushing out new growth, converting sunlight into energy, or getting ready for winter. When you trim your trees in winter there are no leaves or other tasks to use up energy, this allows your tree to put all of its energy directly into healing its bark.

4. Spring Aesthetics

Trimming your tree during the winter also leads to better spring aesthetics. By pruning in winter you are invigorating your tree and promoting robust new growth in the spring. Although the new growth and improved aesthetics can be seen on all trees pruned in winter you can especially see the effects on flowering trees. If you have flowering trees and prune them during the winter you will see an increase in the amount of blooms and their size in spring.

Although most trees can be pruned year round choosing to prune your trees in the winter is a smart decision considering the benefits. If you’re interested in winter pruning schedule a consultation with one of our arborist through our online booking system or give us a call at 703-573-3029.

15 thoughts on “4 Benefits Of Winter Tree Trimming”

  1. Jenna Hunter says:

    I had no idea that trees heal faster when trimming is done in the winter. My sister is thinking about getting some care for her oak tree in her backyard. It could be really nice for her to be able to get it done by a professional.

  2. Jay Jorgenson says:

    I have heard that there are different ways of cutting trees. I like how you mention trees recover faster from tree trimming when it’s performed during the winter. Thank you for the information on why you should trim your trees during the winter. I would contact a professional to do this risky task.

  3. Ashley says:

    I liked that you said that one reason to consider hiring a professional to take care of your trees is that properly maintaining them will promote beautiful foliage. I have been thinking about trying to maintain my trees on my own but I have been worried that I would end up killing them. I will be sure to hire a professional to maintain my trees for me so that I can enjoy beautiful flowers and leaves.

  4. Ellie Davis says:

    It’s interesting to know that trees heal and recover fast from tree trimming during the winter. My mother told me that the tree in her backyard is getting too close to her window, and we are looking for advice. I will recommend her to wait until we visit her in the winter to call a tree trimming company.

  5. Skylar Williams says:

    I like that you mentioned that by trimming trees in the winter you can prevent disease and insect infestation. My brother told me that he has a couple of trees with dead branches and he wants to get them trimmed. I’ll pass this information onto my brother so he can decide if he wants to hire a tree trimming service.

  6. Brad Erwin says:

    It’s cool that trimming trees in winter can speed up their healing process. My brother has some tree branches that are getting too close to where he parks his car and needs them trimmed. I will recommend he wait until winter to get the branches trimmed so that he can benefit from faster tree healing and the aesthetics that come along with it.

  7. Mindy Jollie says:

    That’s good that tree trimming can help prevent diseases and insect infestation. My husband and I need to get the trees in our yard trimmed. We’ll have to find a tree service that can help!

    1. Rtectree says:

      Hi Mindy,

      Thank you for your comment. If you’re in our service area we’d love to help just give us a call at 703-573-3029. If not we suggest using the TCIA website and searching for an accredited tree company in your zip code.

      -Samantha H.

  8. Callum Palmer says:

    Doing winter tree care would be a good idea. I like the tips you mentioned here. I’ll for sure get it done to help prevent diseases and infection.

  9. Tammie Houston says:

    Our neighbor is complaining that the trees in front of our house are already infected. I love that you mentioned that regular tree pruning can promote growth, which is good when the spring season comes. Moreover, hiring a professional trimming service provider is highly advisable since they have all the equipment needed in completing this job.

  10. Wade Joel says:

    It’s interesting to know that hiring a tree service company during the winter will be able to evaluate signs of problems in your trees. My wife and I are thinking about how to remove a dead tree in our backyard, and we are looking for advice. I will let her know about your recommendations to choose the right tree care service company.

  11. Afton Jackson says:

    I never knew that winter was a great time to trim trees since they’ll heal a lot faster and easier. This makes me think about the trees in my backyard and how they’ve always provided us with nice fresh air for us to enjoy whenever we hang out, and because of this, I want them to stay as healthy as possible. After reading your article, I’m convinced that now is the best time for me to look for a tree trimming service that can stop by and trim off any branches they see fit.

  12. Makayla Gatenby says:

    Great blog Post. I’ve spent minutes reading all of the great content about tree services and have found it tremendously valuable in learning as much as I can. Please keep up the great work sharing knowledge!

  13. Sarah Boulger says:

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  14. Holly Congreve says:

    I have enjoyed reading this report about winter tree trimming services. Really it is more useful and also helpful. I am very glad to go through this kind of informative article. Thanks for sharing a nice blog.

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