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Fall Pruning

When and What to Prune

Many people know about Spring cleaning, but few dwell on Fall prevention. Fall serves as a good time to winterize, or prepare, your shrubs and trees for the expected climate change. But what does that preparation look like?

Some of our most frequently asked questions around this time of year include; Is it time to prune? If so, what plants should be pruned in the fall? Should bushes be cut back in the fall? In all honesty, there is no “one size fits all” answer to these questions. The best time to prune is truly dependent on the kind of shrub or tree you have!

On-site fall pruning of Oak tree.

 Is it time to prune?

As we think of when to prune one of the most obvious scenarios is when we find dead branches. Dead, or dying branches do not serve the tree. In some cases they can actually be more detrimental to the tree’s health. If left unaddressed the tree can grow more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. The same goes for all woody plants, trees and shrubs. Scenarios like this are why it is crucial to keep up with your trees and shrubs through plant health care and annual/ semi-annual pruning. But how do you know if its time? 

What plants should be pruned in the fall?

As you clean up your fall garden, notice your butterfly bush is looking overgrown from a lively summer, or perhaps your fruit trees and bushes are nearing the end of their crop production. It may be time to take inventory of the types of trees and shrubbery throughout your property to evaluate if they need attention. It’s important to note, if the species in question is flowering, and if so, when? 

Flowering: Now through the start of spring! Pruning during this timeframe provides visibility to the plant’s structure. 

Fall pruning promotes new growth for your trees.
  • Roses
  • Hydrangeas
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Rose-of-Sharon

Non-Flowering: Any time except fall, due to the plants susceptibility to cold weather related damages. 

  • Burning Bush
  • Boxwoods 
  • Barberry 

Do I need a professional to prune my trees and shrubs?

Don’t break out those pruning shears just yet! Pruning is a skill that requires more skill than one might assume. While many people approach their trees and shrubs with the best of intention, there is a risk that they can leave them worse off, or even “botched”. We don’t recommend you try it yourself, but rather call on us! Our certified specialists have the experience and expertise it takes to identify and properly care for your trees and shrubs by determining where to cut. That knowledge can help avoid the risk of disease, decay and further injury that might eventually lead to replacing entire trees and shrubs. Do not fret, you can take action today by calling us to help prevent any irreversible damages to your Maple Birches, Hydrangeas and more!

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