Spring Landscape Tips: How To Prepare Your Landscape For Spring

Spring Landscape Tips 2Spring Landscape Tips

Give Your Property The Best Spring It Can Have By Following Our Spring Landscape Tips

All across the DC Metro area we are seeing trees, shrubs, and flowers beginning to bloom. With the first day of spring this Sunday, March 20th, we can officially say that Spring has sprung! Make sure your landscape has everything it needs to thrive this Spring and throughout the upcoming hot summer months by following our monthly spring landscape tips below.

March Landscape Tips:

  • Apply bio-stimulant to your trees to give them the boost they need to combat diseases and insect while having a beautiful and healthy spring.
  • Begin preventative treatment for diseases and insects
  • Rinse out salt from the soil. If you have trees near sidewalks, roads, or other places where de-incing salt is used over the winter make sure you irrigate them well. Proper irrigation will help rinse the de-incing salt from the soil which can prevent root damage.

April Landscape Tips:

  • Inspect shrubs and trees for post winter damage, safety issues, and early season pests. Look for leaf discoloration, dead branches, early leaf drop, etc.
  • Prune your trees. Have broken, hanging limbs or other defect pruned from the tree.
  • Plant new trees. Remember to plant them where they will thrive. Pay close attention to sunlight, soil composition, and proximity to power lines and structures.

May Landscape Tips:

Spring Landscape Tips

  • Replace old mulch. This will help retain moisture, promote soil activity and soil nutrients and control pests.
  • Spray for ticks & mosquitoes. With tick borne diseases becoming more common and the current Zika scare it’s vital to make sure your family and landscape is protected.
  • Treat your Ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer. EAB is the most destructive pest America has every combated. Without treatment approximately 95% of Ash trees in America will be killed. Find out all the statistics and treatment options for your tree on our Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Site.

The best way to make sure your landscape is ready for spring is by booking a consultation with our Certified Arborists.

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