Fairfax County Projects

We are proud to be working with Fairfax County to maintain access to sanitary sewers. As an environmentally focused company, we will work towards maintaining access to the sanitary sewers in the most environmentally conscious way possible. This includes selectively removing vegetation to prevent widespread clearing in the future. Brush and trees left on the sides of the easement will mimic the natural forest environment creating a favorable habitat for wildlife and millions of beneficial micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi.

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Note From Fairfax County:

Maintaining access to sanitary sewers is critical to this agency’s mission of operation and maintenance of the County’s wastewater collection system.  Failure to maintain access could result in a delayed response to a line blockage, which may cause wastewater to backup in private homes or overflow into a neighboring creek.

To assist in maintaining access, RTEC Treecare, a contractor of this agency, will be clearing vegetation from the sanitary sewer easement on or near your property. The easements will be cleared to a width of 10 feet, with trees larger than 4 inches in diameter cut into 4-foot lengths, and stacked. Other brush and trees will be left off to the side of the easement. Because the clearing work will take place within the sanitary sewer easement, there should be no adverse impact on your property. You may contact us if you have concerns about the easement’s location on or near your property.

Your cooperation is requested to assist this agency in this endeavor. Keeping children and pets out of the work area will greatly benefit all during the clearing operation. If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact Kevin Goodwin at 703-239-8466 or Carl Cartledge at 703-239-8428. On weekends and holidays and after normal work hours, please call our 24-hour Trouble Response Center at 703-323-1211.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the completion of this important project.

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