Condos, Co-ops, HOAs Tree Service

RTEC Offers Tree Care Services For Condos, Co-ops, Clusters, and Home Owner Associations

With RTEC Treecare  you don’t just receive a service you receive a solution.

With RTEC Treecare and Environmental Solutions you don’t just receive a service you receive a solution. We understand that not every property is the same so why should your service be? Our personalized touch customizes an expert solution specific to your property’s needs and skips the “one size fits all” service offered by our competitors.

Condos, Co-ops, HOAs Tree Service Solutions:

Our solutions are always focused on doing the right thing for your residents, your community, and the environment. To
provide these expert solutions we utilize innovative techniques and processes while upholding high standards of customer
satisfaction, quality of work, and safety. Our Certified Arborists have worked with dozen of Condos, Co-ops, Clusters, and Homeowner Association and will work with you to create a plan to satisfy your needs.

hoa logoWe Can Provide Your Community With:

General Tree Care
Tree Health Care
Tree Preservation During Construction
Environmental Solutions
24/7 Emergency Tree Service
Snow Removal

When you choose RTEC you choose a worry free experience that guarantees the best value.

Your landscape is an investment. Protect it.

Put your plant health on autopilot with our Canopy Protection Program!

Keep Foliage Vibrant & Lush

Control Pests & Protect Pollinators

Increase Property Value